Sunday, 14 February 2016


A quilty friend calls quick projects "Smalls" hence the title of this post.

I have done a few small projects lately- but that is probably an act of procrastination. I have  2 things to do- 1.  quilt a mystery quilt, and I have no idea how to do it, and 2 a complicated paper pieced project. I am not in a rush to get to either. Doing these smalls, means I still can sew and not get too distracted.

First was a table centre. I saw this months One Block Wonder on Upstairs Hobby Room and decided to have a play. I got out my Tula fabric and chose some pretty colours. I made the 4 blocks and made it up into a table centre. If I did it again I would change the values of some of the fabrics, but it is pretty

Second was a cushion. When we were in the UK I saw my first robin.My second name is Robyn, so I was thrilled to see them.  I talked to my friend, Loretta about Robins and she said she feeds them in her pretty garden.  She used a robin as her Christmas Facebook profile so when I saw the pattern in the Tartan Kiwi store  I knew I had to make something for her from it.  I decided to make a cushion cover as she has a summer house overlooking the garden, and the robin would be perfect for there.
The cushion cover is on it's way to the UK.

Third and Fourth.
On Thursday I had been reading blogs for the past couple of weeks, and Valentines Day had been a recurring topic. I normally have no trouble discounting them, but on this day I suddenly decided to make a sweet little heart from Canoe Ridge Creations

.....and I immediately started on another. This was from Cluck Cluck Sew- the I Heart You pattern. I made it into a table runner. I gave it to my son, so hope they use it.

Now to get back to what I should be doing.....

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Allietare is the 2015 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt. This was my fourth year of doing the  mystery, and it become part of my Christmas sewing.
This years quilt was inspired ny Bonnie's trip to Tuscany in the middle of the year. We had spent a wonderful week in Lucca wit day trips to Florence and Cinque Terre. Her yellow came from some of the bulidings in Tuscany. Our hotel  was the  same colour (Hotel Rex in Lucca), so I wanted to use the mustard yellow in my quilt.

I wanted mine to be a bit different to Bonnies, as I had previously kept to her colours.  I decided to go for the Tuscan skies idea, but I only had a decent amount of  Royal blue in my stash, so went with that.
Without further ado- here is Allietare, complete with scalloped borders.