Sunday, 22 January 2017

Moonlit Trees

In December 2016 I decided to join in the Honey Pot Bee run by Molli Sparkles.
Leading up to the start,  a block was posted as a "teaser"   It was the Improv Tree block designed by Amy Smart from
I made my set of 2 Tree blocks and I enjoyed making them so much that I kust kept going.  I kept to the blue /aqua colour range with grey for the second block colour.
My blocks started at 8 1/2 inches square.  Once the trunk  was added the blocks were a trimmed down to 9 1/2 inches by 7.

I quilted this using a woodgrain pattern, which fitted in with the trees and with the modern feel to the quilt.

This was a fun quick quilt which I loved making.
The most unusual tree-the Dolphin tree.

The finished size is  64 1/2 inches by 54.
This is my second quilt finish for 2017.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Point Zero

This quilt comes from a Charms Swap with Ms Midge. The designer this time is Lizzy House. When the fabrics were in the album I had thought that this swap might not be so interesting as there were lots of the Pearl Bracelets fabrics. How wrong I was. They only added colour to the mix and were not at all boring.
I started with simple split 9 patch blocks which I was intending to set into a star quilt.
A friend was doing her charm quilt at the same time, and was doing something similar, although achieved with a different method. I therefore decided to change my setting.

After playing a lot with the blocks, this is the one I liked best.
I called the quilt Point Zero as it reminded me of arrows pointing in all different directions.
Point Zero, in front of Notre Dame,  being the place where all distances in France are measured from Paris. It is also the official centre of Paris.

For the background I used Lizzy's Whisper Palette fabrics.  The low volume fabrics from the swap were also added into the background. I am really pleased with how this looks.

The many borders came about because I felt the quilt was too small. The 4 borders takes it to 72 inches square-a more useful size.
The 3rd border came about because I had some Half square triangles left from making the blocks-not enough to go right around. I was thinking of making a partial row of HSTs on each side, but decided to make them into Quarter Square Triangles instead. They make their own design within the negative space, which I  find pleasing.

The quilting started off as just echoing  the triangles to emphasise the direction they are pointing. After that each area was looked at seperately. The negative space all got straight lines in various directions. In the 3rd border the small triangles are outlined  and echoed. The large borders presented the biggest decision making problem. In the end I kept with simple straight  lines. It all looks great on the back,  with lines going in all directions.

This has become my first finish for 2017.