Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Cushion Cover Time

I have made cushion covers for gifts for  a couple of people lately, so I thought I would put them all in one post.
The first one is a Swoon one. I needed to make a Swoon 16
 block for a practice, to see how easily it went together.  I chose to make it in  the favourite colours of a lovely girl, so it could be make into a cushion cover for her. The block makes up perfectly into a nice sized cushion cover.

The second one is for a new New Zealander, so I chose to use a Kiwi  Paper pieced pattern by Juliet from The Tartan Kiwi  She makes beautiful native birds patterns and also other animals and birds. The Kiwi went together so easily, and he looks great. I chose to use blues and greens representing the sea and the mountains around where the recipient of the cushion lives.

The third cushion was made when I was in a hotel room, so with limited tools, stash fabrics etc.  I went to the library in the city we were visiting  and downloaded the pattern of A Circle of Geese. This is a great free paper pieced pattern by Piece By Number and is a perfect one for a person who is learning wants to practice Foundation paper piecing.
The recipients favourite colours are aqua and blue so I chose to have an aqua background and use several blues for the "geese"
Again the photo was at night and I hope I can change the photo later.
The last cushion is still in transit to it's new owner.  Cushion covers are so satisfying to make. A quick project which can be indivisualised so easily, and is always very well received .


  1. They are very lovely Lynn ..lucky recipients ..

  2. They are very lovely Lynn ..lucky recipients ..

  3. They're all lovely, but I LOVE my cushion cover!! Thank you so much. I see it every day as it sits on my bed. The best part is that not only did it go with my summer duvet, but it also looks amazing with my winter one. It's beautiful and I was sooo surprised to receive it...I'm completely humbled!!!