Thursday, 10 September 2015

Helix quilt

My 3rd Aussie Charm Swap with MsMidge was for fabrics from the Cotton and Steel ranges.
I trawled Pinterest and finally found a photo which was rather different to anything I had made. The photo which was followed to a blog says it was made from HSTs, so it would work for  5 inch charm, squares. 

I sorted the HSTs into colours. There were 6 piles. and a column made with each pile.  For design purposes 5 columns was more pleasing, so the 5th green/ mustard column was made and saved for the back

I decided to graduate the colours, with some of the bottom being fairly pale.
Alternate columns were offset by 4 inches, just to add a different element. Ideally I would have liked to add a wide border top and bottom, but I ran out of background fabric, so had to make do with the 3 inch border which is the same as the sashing.   The background is a Cotton and Steel fabric from the Honeymoon range by Sarah Watts - Colibri in Neutral. It has cute little humming birds all over it

The quilting- the background is straight line quilted following the zig zag formed by stepping down alternate columns. Each column is  free motion quilted differently.

So here is the finished quilt- Helix.
Fabric- assorted Cotton & Steel 5 inch squares
Pattern - an un-named  photo on Pinterest.
Size - 62 1/2 inches high by 86 1/2 inches wide.

This will link with Ms Midge for her Parade of quilts


  1. Love your quilt! Thanks for explaining your process!

  2. I really love this. It is always amazing to me how versatile HSTs are. I had to zoom right into your picture to see how it was put together. I really love the graduation of dark to light and the offset too

  3. This is such a great design, I love how the zigzag spirals fade away.