Sunday, 22 May 2016

May Blooms - One Block Wonder 2015

Again, this month, I have participated in Upstairs Hobby Rooms One Block Wonder.
After making a small quilt last month, I was determined to make time for a bigger one this month.
The May block is called May Blooms, and is a wonderful  large flower block of 24 inches.
I have 2 options for a recipient, and both love pansies, so I decided to try to make my flowers into pansies.

I found 4 Fat Quarter bundles amongst my stash which gave me sets of 3 shades of the same colour in the way I was looking for. There are Butterflies by Lizzy House, Mixmasters Fizz by Robert Kaufmann, Dream by Timeless Treasures  and Pepper Corry's Brushstrokes.  Always great not to have to buy extra fabric

Some of the flowers I graduated colour from light to dark, and others I reversed the order. This was to show the different types of pansies. The same went with the centre's of the flowers, which were again alternated. The yellow centre's have the black outside them to represent the "faces" of the pansies.

The quilt finished at 80.5 inches, so it grew quickly.
I quilted this with Aurifil white colour 24 in a all-over swirl and petal design.

Originally I planned on a 3rd border of yellow, but after these I felt it was enough.  Seeing the Red Bridge photo  I think the extra yellow border would have been good too.

A quick word about the Red Bridge for those who don't know about it. This pedestrian bridge is in Feilding a town less than 10 minutes from our home. When I was looking for somewhere to photograph a large quilt a couple of years ago, I found this. The large quilts can hang down so the full quilt can be seen. The redness with the green grass and trees in the background is a great setting for many of the quilts. The Council even painted the bridge shortly after I started using it, so from dull red it has become a bright shiny orange-red.
Now most of my quilts get a Red Bridge photo.

I am linking up to the Upstairs Hobby Room Linky of May Blooms.


  1. I am such a fan of Lynn's ,the way she has combined the colours brilliantly carried on with amazing quilting done to perfection on her home sewing machine that takes patience and skill ...I differ on the yellow border I feel it's just right as is and of course the red bridge shows it superbly ..One of your best to date

  2. Love it! And I think your border is perfect!! Thanks for linking up again!!!

    1. Thanks Sandy. Such a fun quilt. I will probably make it again -for myself next time.