Thursday, 30 June 2016

Topographical-June One Block Wonder

I loved the quilt that Sandy from Upstairs Hobby Room made using this month's block. The colours were gorgeous and I had been wanting to make a blue and green quilt for a while.  I shamelessly copied Sandy's colours when it came time to make it. I like big quilts which are big enough for a bed, so needed to make 9  of the 24 inch blocks.

This quilt didn't really need a border but I admit to being partial to them, and prefer the way a quilt with a border looks on the bed. I went ahead and added 4.
The quilt ended up being 87 inches square.
Quilting-I decided to do a simple stipple for this.

I had made some aqua blocks which I decided to replace. I instead made some blue-green blocks and some green-blue. The original blocks were perfect for making up the extra backing needed. The quilt was too wide for just 2 widths of fabric.  I think they look great in a line.

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  1. Perfection!! Imitation is the greatest form of flattery....or something like that! Love it!! and the back is perfect too! I do a stripped piece in a lot of my quilts too! It's 2 in 1, reversible!!

  2. That is beautiful! I like how you combined the different colored block!

  3. Don't worry about the quilt name on the link up but maybe you could change the name here on your blog, so your followers will be able to find it easier if they are looking! 😃

  4. Super fabric choices, and I do like the borders.

    1. I do like the way a border finishes and frames a quilt. This one could have gone either way, and I am sure a lot of the modern crew would leave it without.

  5. Ok, this is just totally fantastic! I simply love everything about it! Colors, placement, borders & back!