Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Quiet Play Zoo Animals Blocks- Polar Bear

This months block is a Polar Bear one. Quiet Play provide the pattern free for the month of release, but make a small charge after that. It pays to keep up, or at least download the pattern on time.

This was an easy one with the eyes being bigger. It may just that I am getting used to doing them.
My first version had grey as the darker fur on his neck and ears. I didn't like it as I felt my grey was too dark, so I did another one with cream as the darker colour and the white as the main colour. I am much happier with this one. The first one will not go to waste. It will either be made into something for No 3 son, whose school rugby nickname was P. Bear, or it can go on the back.

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  1. Your polar bear looks good in cream.

  2. Thanks Vireya. I see we have similar coloured backgrounds. I will be watching your progress.

  3. Love your work Lynn you bring things to life