Saturday, 27 January 2018

Project Quilting 9.2

This weeks challenge is Triangulation.

When thinking about this for a few days, I thought I would do Half Square Triangles in blues, aqua and lime green.
By later in the week I tealised I may not have time to participate this week.
On Sunday, I was up to date on a couple of things, so decided to go for it. Participating is the main thing for me, rather than winning prizes. It was too early in the year to bale out a week already.

I made myself a couple of rules so that I could get this completely finished.
1. It had to use scraps
2. No procrastinating and no changing my mind.
3. No unpicking. If a point is lost-it stays lost forever.
I picked up the first bag of scraps from the bin. Light taupe dot background and fabrics of pink and green. A classic combo.

I laid out the 81 HSTs I had made into a design-and according to my rule-that was it. No changing - No making it less "arranged or changing the design
It went together pretty well, then I quilted it to emphasise the background diamond.
Now the binding. It went on. 
Ugh. Didn't like it. I broke my own rules as it just wasn't right.
Once the binding was hand sewn down it was done.
So here is Triangulations to a Deadline
The size is 20 1/2 inches square.
I am linking up with the other lovely projects

P.S. I just reread the rules and we ate supposed to say whete we are from. I love in New Zealand.

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  1. I'm SO happy You stuck with it! I think it's gorgeous. I love that the symmetry of the design is offset. This pieces just feels refreshing! While I probably wouldn't have changed the binding the green really does look better ;)