Sunday, 11 February 2018

Bold and Brave- Project Quilting 9.3

Sir Ed.

As a New Zealander, our biggest hero when we were growing up was Sir Edmund Hillary. As well as being the first to conquer Everest, on 29th May 1953,  he spent months each year building schools and hospitals in Nepal.
He was always a much admired man who the country was very proud of.

As soon as I saw this week'
 Project Quilting theme, Sie Ed (as he was affectionately known later in his life) came to mind.

I found the image I always think of when thinking of the conquering, and set out to recreate it.
My friend Denny (Instagram name @pondaview) loves making fabric postcards, and learning new techniques. She has always done silhouettes, so I decided I would give that a go,
As I was sewingit a progress photo was sent to Denny. She suggested I add a layer of tulle to give the look of distance to the work.
I love the look the tulle gives to the ice.

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